Our Story

It all started with the phrase…
'Want to make moonshine?'
We’ve created this brand and had a great adventure along the way.

-Chris Ferg, Head Distiller, reflects back.

Durham Region's first Craft Distillery was born in the Old Fire Hall in The (Pickering) Village, Ajax. It is here that some of the finest crafted spirits in the region are made using local ingredients. Our retail shop has that "speakeasy" type feel and we have a sampling license at the bar. Think of us like a liquor store where you can have a small sample of the product. 

We are paving the way for the industry in the area and we are very thankful to all of you for the support so far. We are your neighbours are you ours. Our partnership is led by Head Distiller, Chris Ferg and he is always happy to tell his story when you stop in. 

Special thanks to Don at Last Straw Distillery. They say Distillers help Distillers, and Don is a great example of that.

Mike, our other Co-Founder, gets a big Thank You as well. You are family forever.  

THANK YOU for joining our incredible journey .

You can find some of our best selling products in the LCBO on Uber Eats as well as in our new retail location in Ajax.