Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you now have a minimum order amount for free delivery?

A: Unfortunately with the current cost of gas, it was no longer feasible for us to be able to deliver one bottle at one a time.  Instead of increasing the individual cost of bottles, we made the hard decision to require a minimum purchase amount,

Our new retail location is open for purchase at 25 Mill Street.

Q: Where do you offer delivery?

A: For customers in the Durham region, we do offer free delivery for orders over $100. Our online ordering system will confirm if you qualify for our amazing-and-convenient drop-off service based on your postal code. We just need you to be home while holding a valid government-issued ID showing you are over 19 years of age and you’re all set.

Q: Which credit cards do you take?

A: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Q: I don’t have a credit card but still want to #drinklocal. Can you help?

A: Don’t worry, we’ve got you. If you are in the Durham Region, we’ll take debit at drop-off or accept an e-transfer. Just email us at to learn about ALL the ways we’ll accept valid, legal tender… So that means we don’t accept beaver pelts or Roman Aureus coins.

Q: I’m super busy and almost never home. Can you just leave my order at the door?

A: Alas, no. Because we’re a very law-abiding organization, we need to hand-over our expertly-crafted products to you after checking for government ID showing you’re of legal drinking age. But, not to worry, we will make it easy. We call ahead to make sure you’re home and then execute a contactless delivery process, for your protection and ours.

Q: I placed my order, I am excited #drinklocal, when can I expect it?

A: For deliveries in Durham Region, we will make your delivery the day after your order, except for no deliveries on Sunday (we need a day to rest). And we do Saturday’s a little differently – we know you want to be ready for the weekend, if ordered before 10 am on Saturday, we will deliver the same day. Orders, after 10 am, will be delivered on Monday.

For shipping orders, we will ship the next business day.

Q: What if I want to return my order for a refund?

A: We understand, it happens to all of us sometimes. We will take returns on unopened, sealed bottles. Email us and we’ll walk you through the process.

Q: I own a restaurant/bar and want to have my patrons #drinklocal, how do I order?

A: Awesome, we would love to help you at. Send your information to and we will reach out to make it happen!

Q: I have a question that I do not see an answer to here, how can I get an answer?

A: We would love to hear your question, email us at and we will get back to within 24-48 hours.