Our newest gin creation was born from our love of traditional London Dry Gins. London Calling Dry Gin pays homage to its spirit and musical inspirations with a floral array of botanicals.

$34.80 plus deposit (42.5% alc./vol. , 750ml)




The inspiration for our newest creation came to our Head Distiller while sitting on a patio, listening to music with good friends. Patio Lanterns Vodka is made from premium, all Canadian wheat, is triple distilled, and carbon filtered. This vodka delivers a smooth taste that makes it perfect for those patio occasions.

$32.80 plus deposit (40.5% alc./vol., 750ml )

Our Wheat Kings Vodka is our signature product and represents everything the Durham Distillery stands for. Organic Ontario malted winter wheat is milled locally, which allows this vodka to be traced grain-to-grass.

Its smooth and crisp character comes from our triple distillation process, then actively filtered for an all-natural flavour.

We're proud of our Wheat Kings Vodka. We're even more proud to fund brain cancer research with every sale.

$49.80 plus deposit (40% alc./vol. , 750ml)

This unique gin is made in partnership with Durham College, using strawberries grown in their fields by students. In turn, buying a bottle of Strawberry Fields Gin helps support student bursaries at the college.

Infused using juniper berries, coriander, lemon, orange and grapefruit, we also add a healthy dose of strawberries. Distilled for a clean, smooth taste, we save time before bottling for one final infusion of strawberries to give it a distinctive aroma.

$47.80 plus deposit (43.5% alc./vol., 750ml )

Our Founder's Select line is where inspiration meets experimentation. Made in small batches with extremely limited runs, this is where our distillers push the boundaries and defy convention. The result is complex, creative and comforting.

No two batches are alike. The creative process also takes time, as we age this line of spirit to ensure the flavours meld and mature.

Founder's Select is not for everyone. But, if you've been searching for something adventurous and are energized by unique finds, we welcome you.

Product Update - We have been aging and tasting this spirit, and it's good!  We will be holding the barrels we have to release in 2022 as a Canadian Whiskey.  Stay tuned for updates.


The Durham Distillery was founded on a single, core principle: fine craftsmanship depends on strong, local relationships. Our small batch, hand-crafted spirits are the result of a dedication to support local farms and businesses, but also nurture the community and society at large. 

If this sounds comforting, our products were made with you in mind...

Our Values:

High-quality Spirits – No drop is bottled until it’s ready.

Local Ingredients – We source grains, fruits and botanicals from farms in our community.

Giving Back – A portion of every sale goes to support charities and causes.

Having Fun – Sharing the joy of music and good times with those we love most.

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